When My Autism Gets too Big


There was a lot of energy in the room on Saturday when we gathered to hear Kari Dunn Buron discuss social cognition and emotional competence. Shifting perspectives about behavior and exploring how to teach kids living with autism the things we learn by instinct was the focus of the talk. Attendees especially appreciated the new research on brain functioning and social skills acquisition as well as all the tools and resources Kari shared.

But it is really the ease with which Kari guides you into a whole new way of seeing the world that has the deepest impact. It is this awareness that allows parents to discover the cause behind a behavior and address anxiety at its roots.

Resources shared

  • The Incredible 5 Point Scale – we learned how incredibly adaptable this tool is – from voice modulation to emotions – it works for kids and adults (and sometimes parents too)
  • When My Worries Get too Big – an interactive workbook that walks kids through managing their anxiety. It makes emotions concrete and breaks down those things we learn through instinct to teachable skills
  • Adalyn’s Clare – a delightful book that offers kids a view into how someone just like them learns to manage her anxiety
  • Power Poses – research shows holding a “power pose” for just two minutes reshapes your brain and eases anxiety
  • Video Self Modeling – a great tool for teaching new skills

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