Becoming Social


Last night at our Salon Series support group for parents, lots of information was shared about social development. A few resources stood out as ones that we wanted to share with the larger CEA community. The topic was social skills – focusing on things parents can do every day to support their young child’s social development.

TED Talk by Ami Klin: We’re as inspired as Ami by this research that allows scientists to detect autism in infancy. Remember when we speculated about where this research would lead? It’s a fascinating look at how young (first months of life) the divergence in children living with autism starts and how critical eye gaze is to our overall social development.

Jill Kuzma: Rarely can you have a discussion in Minnesota about social skills and not hear Jill’s name. Her web site is packed with incredibly useful tools to support social functioning, decrease anxiety and deconstruct the social rules we all take for granted.

Social Thinking: Using what we know about social deficits and brain functioning, Michelle Garcia Winner has developed comprehensive and accessible tools to teach these skills in a fun and practical way. Check out You are a Social Detective (early elementary), Incredible Flexible You (early childhood), and SuperFlex (mid elementary to junior high)!

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