Building Bridges

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Bringing people together is what we are all about. It takes a village, and we know how hard it can be to build that village when you are isolated by a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. That is why the Center for Engaging Autism exists. We believe that parents are the key to lifelong success for children with autism. And it is through parents that professionals can have the greatest positive impact on longterm outcomes for their clients.

To that end, we are the bridge that links these two important groups – parents and professionals. By positioning ourselves in the place where research, practice and daily life meet, we are able to build that village; one that is created for families living on the autism spectrum. This is your new home. And the more you participate in the building of it, the more it will reflect the realities of life on the spectrum, in all it’s unique colors.

We welcome all parents, all professionals and all those who care for individuals on the spectrum. It is through connecting our community that lifelong opportunities become lifelong realities. Join us!

Author: Editorial Team

A select group of our board members who have something to say, but want to say it together. We also use this byline for those who wish to write anonymously.

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