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CEA’s mission:

Connecting young families living with autism to the information, strategies and support they need to engage fully in their homes, schools and communities. We are dedicated to building bridges between research, practice and everyday life.
Our Oxygen Mask Podcast: An encouragement for parents and insight for professionals. Discussion guide coming soon!


Our Mindfulness classes for parents of kids with special needs: Growing in depth and breadth!  We’ve grown a rich parent network and are expanding the course’s reach.

Our blog and newsletter: Offer insights into the latest research, issues and practices.

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We believe in providing services and support to families living with autism without placing undue financial burden on them. That’s why we write blogs, develop classes and freely share what we know. We enjoy giving our time and expertise and actively seek out like-minded partners to help us achieve our mission. But everything is easier when you have resources – so donate to CEA today. We know you too believe in what we do. So explore the donation options below.
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Become an underwriter. CEA is actively seeking community partners that want to underwrite our services to families living with autism. Contact us to discover ways you can fully engage families living with autism.

Mail a donation. We’re happy to receive your donation via check. Simply make it out to CEA and send it to our address. We are a 501(c)3 organization and therefore all donations are tax deductible. You will receive a receipt mailed to you so please include your name and address.

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