Giving back, joining in and building a community all break through the isolation that families living with autism face. So give to CEA and discover the ways in which you can engage autism in everyday ways!

  • Become a writer: Explore our blog and see how you, too, can freely share what you know with families living with autism
  • Present: You’ve got way too much information to share with families than will fit in one (or 10) blog posts. So contact us about presenting. We’ll do all the work, and you’ll get all the kudos for a job well done!
  • Advise on research: You’re always reading research journals and keeping an eye on autism developments. You are yourself a researcher with amazing things to share. Let us know, and we’ll be that bridge between you and the parents who need to know.
  • Partner: Join organizations like Academy of Whole Learning, Autism Speaks, Fraser, Hennepin County Library and St. David’s Center in partnering with us. There’s so many ways to support families living with autism and we know the keys to a whole new way of engaging autism!

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