Grand! Parenting on the Spectrum


Local author, Sylvia Grubb, led a group of parents, grandparents and professionals in a wonderful discussion of the fine art of grand parenting last night at our second Lecture Series. Focusing on real life ways for grandparents to be involved in their grandchildren’s lives was a big highlight for all attendees. While acknowledging that all children with autism are unique, we learned there are many common ways to support families living with autism.

Many grandparents were in attendance and shared how they engaged their grandchildren and also things that inhibited full engagement. While understanding autism and how to support their families is a struggle, many gained insight into how to do so. Issues including: sensory processing disorder, behavior, sports and inheritance were discussed. But the overall focus on open and constant communication and letting parents take the lead and educate you (a tricky dynamic in many families), allowed many to see ways to become engaged grandparents.

Resources that were shared were:

Courage Center

Special Olympics

Autism Society of MN

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