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Why literacy?

Child reading with her fatherLearning language, using imagination, and exploring the world take on new dimensions when children are exposed to books and other media in their surroundings. As children develop, literacy becomes a gateway to higher-order thinking. And it is often this very area where individuals with autism struggle.

Becoming literate starts early in life. Sharing picture books, hearing nursery rhymes, drawing pictures, playing with puppets, and telling stories are just a few ways for children to begin the process of learning to read. For too long, this arena of development as been seen as inaccessible to children with autism given their challenges.

The Center for Engaging Autism does not believe that excellence in literacy is unattainable for children with autism. And new research and strategies support this belief. We want to bring you what the experts are learning about how you can support your child’s vocabulary development and comprehension of stories.

Our next literacy presentation is coming soon! Check back for details.
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This initiative is made possible with a grant from the Minnesota Department of Education using federal funding, CFDA 84.027A, Special Education- Grants to States.

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