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Literacy Workshops for Emerging Readers


That’s right, literacy for the little ‘uns. A life-long love of reading begins in infancy. Research shows that there are simple things parents of babies, toddlers and preschoolers can do to promote literacy before your child reaches school age. Attend one of our workshops to discover more!

Literacy & Autism: How to Engage Young Children

Why should you be thinking about literacy when you are still working on daily living skills? How do you engage your toddler in books when he won’t sit still? And, finally, how can you use books as a tool for social engagement? Starting young is the key. Come discover strategies for growing life-long readers based on the latest research in the field. And explore with us how to use your child’s learning style to begin the journey of reading.
This workshop is for parents with young children and professionals who want to support children with autism as they develop into readers. When so much of life-long and academic success depends on well-developed literacy skills, we need to know how to support all learners. So come and learn activities that will connect children with autism to the world of literacy.
Attendees will get a free book, explore demonstrations and have an opportunity for individual consultation services.
This workshop is provided by a parent training grant through the Minnesota Department of Education, because Literacy Matters!

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