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Oxygen Mask Episode 010: Appreciate the good


Join us in offering yourself a little love this February! In Episode 10, Tera and Beth recall positive, encouraging words and actions from people who have come alongside us and our families. These are beautiful moments that let us know we are seen and that our children are known and valued. Draw from our stories to recognize your own. Hold them up, have a good look at them, and thread them into a story of hope and encouragement. Take a listen and let this episode awaken or enliven your own gratitude.

Take-aways from this episode are really interwoven with Communities Engaging Autism‘s 7-week course, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Parents of Kids with Special Needs. There, we talk about the brain’s negativity bias (as Rick Hanson puts it, the good slips off as if on Teflon and the bad sticks like Velcro). It takes intention to balance out our brain’s defaults. The seeds that you water are the ones that grow; the muscles that you work are the ones that get stronger. Another offering begins April 7, 2020. Click here for details.

Each day this month, jot down a few specific, positive things people have said to you, ways others’ actions have encouraged you, or just positive, peaceful, or joyful moments in your day. Oh, and there’s an app for that. Three Good Things is a gratitude practice builder that’s gentle and simple.

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