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Oxygen Mask Episode 28: Dr. Rumsey on guiding families after diagnosis


Beth is joined by co-host, Jen Reiter, a parent of a young woman with ASD and an advocate for neurodiversity, mindfulness, and all things creative. Beth and Jen chat with Robin Rumsey, a Pediatric Neuropsychologist at the Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain in Minneapolis, MN. We explore Robin’s approach to working with families early in their autism journeys. Robin discusses her own learning over the years, and how she helps parents prioritize the family’s well-being and the needs of their child with autism. We hope you’ll find encouragement, perspective, and reassurance here.

Show Notes

Announcement of Communities Engaging Autism’s closure

Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain in Minneapolis

LEND – Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities: This is the fellowship program Jen references in which she met Robin and observed her in clinic.

Robin mentioned care coordination as a way to help families navigate. More info on care coordination in this Oxygen Mask Podcast episode.

Robin mentioned several family and parent connection opportunities, including the Autism Society of MN, school district groups (this could include Special Education Advisory Councils), and an Explore MN article on attractions that cater to kids with autism (part of a broader Accessible Travel feature)

Author: Beth

Beth is a wife, mother, researcher and connector. She has two elementary-aged kids, one who is differently wired with autism. Beth has done graduate work and consulting related to youth development and community engagement. She loves advocating for authentic community engagement and contributions of kids and families impacted by autism. She lives in Hopkins, MN.

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