CEA Offerings

Our goal is to help families and professionals understand the social, cognitive, sensory, and communication difficulties underlying autism and how each child individually expresses his developmental strengths and challenges in unique ways.

Family-Centered Education

We’ve created a Lecture Series designed for parents. You are your child’s first and best teacher so we are dedicated to infusing your daily life with the knowledge, tools and strategies you need to successfully parent where ever you are on the autism spectrum. Because family is so foundational, especially in the early childhood and early elementary years, our events hold insights for educators and therapists working with young children too. Visit our Events page for details on upcoming workshops.

We’ll come to you. In response to community requests, we are offering our most popular presentations to you On-Demand. Check out our line up of topics, and contact us. You provide the space and the audience, and we’ll do the rest.

Nurturing Emerging Literacy Skills

The Center for Engaging Autism is pleased to be the recipient of a Minnesota Department of Education grant to promote the development of early childhood literacy by teaching skills to parents of young children. Workshops are ongoing. Check our Literacy Center for updates on the next presentation.

Interactive Blog

We recognize that parents are experts on their child’s needs. We are also grateful for the professionals who support, guide, and learn alongside families and children with autism.
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This is about you. We would love to hear your ideas about the services our community needs to fully engage families living with autism. Let us know, and we’ll get to work!

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