Siblings of Autism

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Supporting siblings living with autism is not always easy. Issues arise whether you’re prepared or not. As a parent you want to fully support all of your children. Yet, how to do that effectively can be a mystery, which is why parents enjoyed hearing Debra Cumberland (editor of the book, Siblings and Autism) speak about her experiences growing up as a sibling of autism. The process of editing this book allowed her to talk with and explore the experiences of a wide range of siblings who span the globe and ages. The personal reflections and heart felt stories helped parents see into the inner thoughts of their children and prepare, emotionally, for issues that may arise throughout their children’s growing together.

We still have a few copies of Cumberland’s book, Siblings and Autism, available for purchase. Please contact us using the form below  if you would like a copy. We’ve been struck by what a great resource it is while being an “easy” read.

Join us for our next Lecture Series on Wednesday, June 18; The MN Autism Benefit!

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