Social Stories

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A quick “cheat sheet” for Social Story construction

A Social Story has four sentence types:

  • descriptive: the setting and what people normally do
  • directive: to give appropriate response
  • perspective: reactions of others
  • control: written by the individual to remember the context

Carol Gray recommends one directive sentence for every two or three of the other sentence types.

Always and I will are word choices to avoid since they are inflexible.

Use pictures, icons, include a mini-schedule and a clock if needed.

Read several times before the event.


Author: Tammy

Tammy is a Director of Special Education, Autism Specialist, Behavior Specialist and parent. She is dedicated to helping families by sharing her expertise as it applies to everyday challenges. Read her full bio here.

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  1. Social stories were instrumental in helping our high functioning son (with extreme anxiety) transition between activities in school, understand social situations (such as “small talk,” waiting in line, public restroom etiquette, etc.), learn about safe vs. dangerous situations and behavior, and prepared him for any changes or anything new that would be happening. He used to really enjoy my attempts at stick people and other drawings that accompanied text!

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