Special Spaces: ASD Home Design

Everyone enjoyed Saturday’s Lecture Series, Special Spaces. Blending your personal style and comfort with the needs of your child with autism can be a challenge for many parents, so we focused on how what we know about our children defines how we set up our home. While taking into account the needs of children living with autism we learned how to maintain a cohesive look to our homes. Practical suggestions and recommendations were given for all kinds of spaces, with special attention given to those tools that have actually worked in homes. Involving your child in the process and looking at how to create solutions to issues within a space were emphasized.

In the end we left with many easy ways to incorporate tools into every room in the house, how to create dedicated spaces, reduce distractions and inspire ease and calm through how we set up our family spaces. General guidance for design that “works” for families living with autism were shared, such as defining spaces for specific tasks and the use of color and lighting. While we expressed a love for Ikea, other solutions were shared that allow families to craft tools specifically for their own home use. Nothing clinical about it, but very therapeutic.

Join us for our next Lecture Series, Supporting Your Child’s Social Self-Esteem.

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