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Since summer has already started, I assume you’ve got your schedule nailed down, complete with camps and fun activities for your kids. But if you’re like me, February had you dreaming of summer vacations. Now that reality has hit, all those “free” weeks you left open for travel are still, alarmingly, empty. Since the iconic road trip to Yellowstone just isn’t happening this year, I’ve been seeking out last minute options for my kids. Here’s what I’ve discovered.

1. Connections: Social Skills Camp – based on Michelle Garcia Winner’s social skills curriculum starring Superflex. These summer day camps are great options of increasing your child’s social skills over the summer. Emphasis is placed on naturalistic social settings where kids with autism get to implement what they’re learning in real world environments. Plus Superflex is super fun. Openings in the June 23 – 27 and July 14 – 18 camps. More details.

2. Camp Friendship – I’ve heard great things about these camps, both day and residential, from other parents. They put a lot of work into making sure that parents, as well as kids, have enough time to get comfortable with staff and locations before the camp starts. More details.

3. The Works – These engineering based day camps are terrific. We do at least one every summer. There’s sure to be one that sparks your child’s interest. More details.

4. In the Company of Kids Creative Arts Center – Using theatre is a great way to inspire social skills, practice how to handle real world situations and expand ways in which to express one’s self. There are still openings in the inclusionary theatre summer camps with this local org: July 7 – 11, August 4-8 and August 11- 15. More details.

Any openings for last minute registrations in your favorite summer camp? Let us know!




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