Supporting Your Child’s Social Self-Esteem


It was a whirlwind evening of terrific resources and tons of information yesterday at our Lecture Series, Supporting Your Child’s Social Self-Esteem with Jill Kuzma, CCC-SLP. Processing social information and teaching social skills is a tricky thing for parents, so we learned a lot about how to break down a social situation, make things concrete and visual, and present information in a way that appeals to kids with autism.

We covered: how to turn negative thoughts and patterns into positive ones, the intricacies of teasing and how to determine what kind of teasing is happening, bullying, flexible thinking, talking about social issues and anxiety. Whew! A lot was covered. Jill infused the lecture with examples of situations she encounters with her students on the spectrum and did a nice job of telling parents how they can adapt the tools she uses in her “classroom” to the home environment. She also shared some terrific resources for addressing social issues with your child.

They are:

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