The Oxygen Mask Podcast: An Introduction. Episode 001


The inaugural episode of The Oxygen Mask podcast is now available!! We are so excited to be sharing our knowledge this way. We know parents, especially special needs parents, are busy and our hope is to give you a short break in your day to become very intentional with your wellbeing and your parent role. Take a pause and a breath so you can best help your child. We will not overwhelm you with lots of shoulds and to dos. We want to empower you to navigate the autism path in your own way. We feel a podcast format is wonderful because it builds a sense of community and allows you to digest information in small doses while giving you the power to investigate ideas further on your own.

Show Notes:

Interested in trying out breathing/mindfulness practices?

What’s with the hands on hips in the breathing exercise?

What’s this LEND thing you speak of?

“Your child’s best advocate,” a heartfelt blog post from Beth on her experience with burnout/overwhelm:

Tera’s book, “Faces of Autism” can be found here: or on

Neurodiversity? What is that? Ask and Autistic # 19: What is Neurodiversity?


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