The Unplanned Journey


It was a small group that attended the launch of our Lecture Series on March 11. And that was the perfect beginning. It’s where we all started; learning about our child’s diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, the grief, the confusion, the moment when your world contracts to a small group of people.

Bonnie Bogen, MA Spec Ed, Certified Parent Coach, led the small group through an intimate discussion of the unique grieving process of parents living with autism. She adapted the standard “stages of grief” to the reality of parenting a child with ASD, illustrating how these “stages” are really waves of grief that repeat and cascade throughout the journey.

In the end we discovered, together, ways to handle these emotions; how to turn sadness into support, acceptance into action and anger into results. Local resources and practical strategies were shared.

It was a great beginning, and we were encouraged to see, right before our eyes, bridges being built between parents and professionals. Thanks to all who attended and shared and especially to those educators and professionals who came seeking a more complete understanding of how to serve families living on the spectrum. Welcome to our village!

Resources discussed at this event:

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