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Toilet Training for Families Living with Autism


The room was packed with parents and information at our toilet training class last week. Anne Dudley shared her tried and true methods for toilet training with parents. And the parents shared with each other their challenges. Everyone left feeling ready to try at least one of the practical strategies that Anne shared, the most popular being understanding and using reinforcers. Reinforcers are areas of high interest which can motivate kids to try something new.

But laying the foundation for success is critical: establishing good toileting habits by changing in the bathroom and learning how to change your child while standing up are strategies that prepare children to begin the toilet training journey. Everyone was helped by learning the signs of toilet training readiness. Specific tips for establishing a schedule that is manageable to parents and children were explained. Only after this foundation is established should families begin the daily training techniques.These included Social Stories, visual supports, visual schedules, establishing a toileting sequence, using and finding reinforcers, iPad apps, and videos.

Resources shared

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