Yoga for Autism: Digestion


So many kids living with autism struggle with digestive issues. That’s exactly why we were excited about our last Lecture Series – Yoga for Autism: Digestion. Finding gentle but effective ways to ease your child’s discomfort and kickstart better overall health was the main theme of the class. Jessica Jenness started off by introducing the Ayurveda concept of “digestive fire.”

Our goal is a balanced digestive fire but some people have “high fire,” “low fire,” or “irregular fire.” We learned ways to dampen a high fire through cooling foods or spark a low fire through adding spices.

Foods for a balanced digestion

  • Ghee (Clarified butter) is healing to the digestive system
  • Kitchari is a meal used for cleansing and healing properties
  • Ginger is a warming food that is good for digestive health

The class then moved into a tailored yoga practice that leads to a balanced digestive system. Poses that help with digestion are twisting poses, belly down poses, inversions and grounding poses. Whether your child has constipation, diarrhea or irritable bowels, these poses can provide relief and healing.

A quick set of poses that can give relief

Join us for our final Yoga for Autism class on August 22! We will be focusing on yoga poses that promote emotional regulation. More information here.

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